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    This Color Meditation, HEART HAPPINESS connects to the joy of the heart, adding both a depth and lightness to your life; the playful dance of delight when you heart is happy. Goddess Greens and Peachy Pinks both connect to the energy of the heart chakra, embracing you with the emotions and joys of love. 

    • This artwork is created with painted papers I cut out and collage together in spontaneous formations while meditating on the energy of the colors. The pieces are glued together on a paper backing. This technique I call LO-FI : an embrace of intentional imperfections - nothing is perfect, and because of that, it is perfect.

      -Hand Painted color on textured paper
      -Hand cut into unique shapes
      -Glued onto painted paper
      -19.5 x 15.75

      Height: 19.5in. // 49,5cm
      Width: 15.75 in. // 40cm
      Weight: 0.03 lbs.

      This product ships UNFRAMED and is full of the love I had when I made it.

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