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Awaits You!

The Creative Process : How to Co-Create with the Universe is a unique Creative Guidebook + Workbook that takes you on an inspiring journey into this magical, universal life force that beats in every one of our hearts.

Through bold graphics, inspiring text, wide spaces for self reflection and a 4 week workbook, this is your personal creative cheerleader, encouraging and igniting your creative flame.


"As a magical creation of the universe, you are a unique, magnificent expression of creativity itself. The Creative Process is your opportunity to play with the universe, to agree to answer, to show up, surrender, engage, delight and to witness the magic and see how it wants to come into creation and express itself through you."


Come Create


Tap into Your Creativity

"We're all born creative - with something to express, something to say, something that wants to move through us. Our gift is to answer the calling. Creating adds Mystery, Magic and Meaning to life and opens our imagination to infinity." This book aims to take you on this journey to hear your dreams and answer your call.

The 5 Stages of Creating






You'll be guided through each stage with plenty of space for self refection and creative action.

Overcome Fear

If you've ever thought you "weren't creative" this book will inspire you to realize we are all born creative and what we desire to create - wants us!

Dreams only come to those who have all the tools, resources, gifts, energy and unique expression to bring this forth to life. You've been singled out as a co-creator to make this happen.

Apply in 2 week Workbook

The beauty of this book is it's all together. The concepts and reflections are combined into a 2 week workbook of daily prompts, reflections and weekly overviews that keep this process alive. You'll witness subtle changes, understand the daily nudges to hear and heed your creative calling


Inspiration & Intuition!

"This was an amazing workbook. The 4 week program was so insightful, each day I felt like I was playing a treasure hunt game, able to hear the hints of inspirations and follow them.

At the end, I found  my Passion Project.

Highly recommended!"

Lori Steele

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