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    My COLOR MEDITATIONS connect the energy of color and its vibratory influence to brighten your life. The reds and pinks of LOVE COLOR connect to the heart chakra and creates a softening of the heart, wrapping you in a gentle embrace of love.

    • LOVE COLOR is created with painted papers, cut out and collaged onto a paper backing. I purposefully attach the pieces with tape to create a 3D effect I call LO-FI -  the chance to let the product interact with the light, creating shadows and a more "living" effect than a flattened, "finished" effect. Because of this, it has an "unfinished" look - purposeful and playful. This ships UNFRAMED.

      -Hand Painted color on textured paper
      -Hand cut into unique shapes
      -Glued and taped onto painted paper
      -14 x 12.8 in

      Product Specifications

      Length: 35.5cm // 14in.
      Width: 32.5cm // 12.8in.

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