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    My COLOR MEDITATIONS connect the energy of color and its vibratory influence to brighten your life.


    EXPRESSION COLOR helps invigorate your freedom of expression, a playful but powerful reminder this is our natural need to express our unique imprint of being a human on this planet. The blues connect to the throat chakra - the seat of expression, while the reds invigorate the power of the root chakra of initiation - to Do; to Create! May this inspire you to choose always to express yourself in all manners and share your unique voice.

    • EXPRESSION COLOR is created with painted papers, cut out and collaged onto a paper backing. I purposefully attach the pieces with tape to create a 3D effect I call LO-FI -  the chance to let the product interact with the light, creating shadows and a more "living" effect than a flattened, "finished" effect. Because of this, it has an "unfinished" look - purposeful and playful. This ships UNFRAMED.

      -Size: 14 x 22in
      -Technique: Painted papers are loosely affixed to create a sense of dimension and depth.
      -Ships in mailer envelope
      -Fresh art, made in Summer 2022
      -May with joy and love

      Height: 22in // 55.9cm

      Width: 14in // 35.5cm

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